This program is geared toward the athlete who is willing to put in whatever it takes to see years of hard work and a childhood dream come to fruition.


This program will give you full access to 6 Months of Ares Academy Vision Training Program

For this program, you will be drop-shipped vision equipment needed as well as your own pair of Senaptec Strobe Glasses once you sign up. The materials the participant will need to supply are a tablet/iPad, phone, stopwatch, pencil, and some paper to record scores/times. Access to a printer for some of the digital charts needed to be printed. 


You will receive access to Ares Academy’s App, Senaptec's Neurocognitive Training App with daily drills and videos to begin your vision training journey. A Tablet or iPad is required to utilize Senaptec's Training Application. 

Price - $1999

Application required to be filled out and accepted by Ares Academy prior to enrollment

(Eye Examination within the last two calendar years is required)

[Designed for those ages 15+ aspiring to compete at the NCAA or professional level.]