Benefits of Training

Improve Reaction Time
Enhance Visual Processing
Increase Neural Processing
Increase Peripheral Awareness
Increase Spatial Awareness
Increase Eye Movement Control
Increase Visual Focus
Increase Eye Teaming
Enhance Central and Peripheral Awareness
Increase Automaticity of Eye/Brain/Body Integration
Increase safety within your sport
And MORE!!

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Did you know that your vision and your ability to react quickly is one of the most important aspects of competitive sports?

Do you precisely know when and where events are happening in your sport?

Did you know you can train your visual system to create the perception of the ball slowing down?

You know to keep your eyes on the ball but have you ever been taught how?

Knowing this, have you ever had a comprehensive sports vision evaluation?

Do you have a comprehensive plan to train your visual and neurocognitive systems? 

If you can't answer yes to the above questions, you owe it to yourself to explore your options with Ares Elite Sports Vision. 

The science of Sports Vision and Neurocognitive training is one of the fastest-growing and most impactful practices in sports today.


The athletes who have discovered this have a distinct edge over their competitionThese athletes might be passing you.