Sports vision training can be accomplished successfully from the comfort of your home.


Programs have been designed for you by optometrists for all ages, all levels, and all sports. Our mission is to provide you with professional optometric techniques, equipment, and cutting-edge technology to improve how your visual system functions, enhance how that information is relayed through your brain, and then coordinate with the rest of your body!

Utilizing many of the drills and equipment that Ares Elite Sports Vision's clients have relied on to improve their skills, you now can experience those similar benefits from the comfort of your home.


Are you ready to take your training to the next level?

We're ready to help!

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Your vision & neurocognitive systems are the most important means for receiving information, yet are too often overlooked & undervalued by most athletes. 

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Sports Vision Training and Mental Training are the next frontiers in elevating your performance.

Are you the athlete passing your competition, or are you being passed by? 

The answer is simple.  

Sports vision training & the development of your visual & neurocognitive systems boost performance in your sport.  

Research proves training these two systems together helps immensely in all aspects of sport and in life.

Why aren't you training this way yet?